Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sean Samoheyl

Sean Samoheyl dolls from a Chop Suey Bizarre Market, maybe like December 2005. Never got around to posting these photos... I have so many photos on my flickr set, it's crazy.

Sean is one of the artists included in this Letters show I'm in right now, so is Warren Craghead.

I really liked these dolls Sean made.. they're carved from wood, very simple and crude. Some of the ones in the Chop Suey show were wrapped in yarn.. made me think of Judith Scott... but I'm pretty sure that Sean's pieces are wrapped in yarn made from the wool of sheep he has raised himself.

Some of them have movable parts... like that Picasso skullhead's skullhead rises, and monster feet guy's feet move.

Yes, I played with them.

Gonna crush you mutha! Picasso Skullhead looks on in horror.

I wanted to buy one but they were too expensive.
TOO BAD! They could have made friends with...
Phoebe Washburn
Eric Hall
my super awesome Eric Hall home-made robot, bought at a previous Chop Suey Bizarre Market for an unbelievably low fifteen dollars (I have sadly never seen or heard of Eric Hall ever again)...
all of these tiny old little cute Japanese figures I got in Japan... this picture isn't good.
and more.