Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm in a show called Letters, which previews on Friday April 20th 7-8pm at The Atkinson Art Gallery, Lord St, Southport (UK).



Maryann said...

You are such the comedian lately.

w said...

I'm in it too and so is Sean Samoheyl.

martin said...

sean samoheyl. saw some of his figures last week at Cinders... i was surprised. who else did i see? can't remember, but there were a few familiar from richmond names.

think i have some pics of his stuff at Chop Suey a couple years ago around somewhere...

w - where is the list of artists?

w said...

Go look at http://www.seansamoheyl.com/ for Sean goodliness. He is good. Also on MySpace.

For the show, here's the list I have:

Pete Clarke
Giselind Von Wurmb
Sean Samoheyl
Holly Wales
Steve McPhereson -
Claire Tindale
Ashlynn Browning
Warren Craghead
Nick Deakin
Alan McGowan
Rachel Elwell
Jules A Sykes
Sam Sparrow
Tom Stogdon
Elsie Wong
Mike Swaney
Angela Presnail
Matt Posey
Christine Stark
Andrew Dodds
Daniel C Boyer
Asaki Kan
Andrew Morrisin
Betsy Walton
Adam Stoves
Brian Raszka
Douglas Baulos
Martin Bromirski
Darren The Ape
Kyle Sartorelli
Phil Dobinson
Etienne Debary
Joanne Chan - Atkinson
Craig Atkinson

and don't forget the curator Craig Akinson who also rocks. http://www.craigatkinson.co.uk/

martin said...

oh yeah, sean's website...

i'm sorry, that is a huge turnoff.

the whole 'i'm self-taught, aw shucks' thing... written in the third person on a sophisticated website. so what. francis bacon was self-taught...

and the bio part -

"Sean briefly attended community college in Denver studying painting part time on scholarship while working as a busboy. Then the art department scholarships ran out.

He couldn't afford to pay his own way, so he took what little money he had saved and some money made from painting portraits of people's pets and went to France to stay with a penpal and teach himself french (mostly from movies.)"

again.. what? everybody with a degree in art is from some wealthy background? i got my degree in 1990 and i'm STILL paying back the student loans from that.

the art department scholarships ran out so he had to drop out and move to france? poor baby!

blah... sorry sean, i like your dolls... just turned off by the hard-knock life marketing and folksy commercialism. don't hate me...

i'll probably delete this later.

w said...

The thing is, I saw Sean's work here in Cville long before I met hom or knew anything about his bio or where he lives now and still really liked the stuff. The work holds up on its own IMO, whatever the story is.

Martin said...

no, i like the dolls.. and have never met him.

just saying i'm turned off by the website...

Anonymous said...

Sean here to defend myself. Someone else put the website together for me. I never liked the self taught thing to be honest. People said people like to hear the artists' story. and everyone has it hard, that's right. I never said I had it harder. So, the outsider thing was a bad fit and bad choice, I would have shown anywhere honestly, I just landed in the outsider bin. They took my work first.It is true though, I went to france on cat portraits. I was like Peewee's Dotty who only wanted to go to Paris. I'm changing the site soon hopefully through a trade to reflect what I want to try to do better. You made a good point. I don't have college debt. -Sean

Anonymous said...

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