Saturday, April 14, 2007

people doing things

- Vittorio Colaizzi, the Richmond artist who wrote my awesome AN ASSAULT ON TASTE review, has had a painting article posted here. Thanks, Vaughn.

- James Kalm's youtube visit to the Dana Schutz opening... TOM SANFORD SIGHTING!!!! Dig that sweet hairdo. Plus... Michael Anderson, Dana Schutz, Zach Feuer, i don't know who else...

Did she paint a portrait of a young, ink-stained Mike Kelley? Kind of looks like him, dreaming in the grass. That one with the figure in the phone booth(?) - wiping dust off the glass - looks nice.

PLUS - Timothy Michael Martin and Billie Waite had a BABY on Thursday!!! Her name is Kathryn Grey Martin.

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