Friday, June 23, 2006

Mike Martin in the new RVA! ...PLUS!

Timothy Michael Martin is featured in the current issue of RVA!

Do you know RVA? Maybe some of you (most of you?) are not Richmonders; RVA stands for Richmond VA, and RVA is a small magazine that spotlights local art and culture. The current issue also features Mickael Broth, another favorite from the current Gallery5 show, and a good article by Don Harrison. Local artists and writers are ENCOURAGED to submit work for consideration.

Mike is not in Richmond anymore; he's moved back to Tennessee and is starting a gallery in Knoxville. He got a big basement storefront - like Nonesuch, a basement place with windows and doors on the street - to use as a studio space and is going to use the front as an exhibition space. The first show at The Basement Gallery will be Kaleidoscope, a group show, opening July 7th. I'm in it!

The Basement's in-progress website has a Featured Artist page. Not sure if these are artists he will show or just art he likes, but the first one to be featured is Hedwig Brouckaert. I met Hedwig maybe in 2002 at Vermont Studio Center, and Mike met her earlier this year at a residency at Virginia Center For The Creative Arts. Libby and Roberta know her too, her work is the first eight pictures of this set, from her current show at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, where I also had a show once*. It is a small small small art world**.

Mike Martin's painting in my bedroom
My Mike Martin painting.

* i mean twice! i forgot i showed there in 1991. five big Humbertos.

**Duh! It is even smaller. I just remembered that Hedwig and I showed together at Tadashi Moriyama's Freeform space in 2004. I am only at a quarter-career and forgetting everything already. I got a good review from Roberta (before we subsequently met).

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