Monday, June 05, 2006

p and d

Two things to see if you will be escaping the city heat this summer, Pollock in Williamstown and Da Vinci in Glens Falls -

Jackson Pollock at the Williams College Museum of Art, in Williamstown MA. The show features Number 2, 1949, from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art; Number 13A, 1948: Arabesque, from the Yale University Art Gallery; and Number 7, 1950, from MoMA. I haven't been yet, but my mom went and was very very impressed.

Pictured above is an installation view of Number 2, 1949 on a free standing plinth; they have it displayed like this so you can walk around and see the back.

Pollock painting
looks like a little Joe Fig doll.

da Vinci -
The Hyde Collection is taking out that Mona Lisa drawing I talked about once before -

"The Hyde is a small house museum like the Gardener and the Barnes - I think the Hydes were actually inspired to think about making their home public after a visit to the Gardener - but much further off the beaten track way up in Glens Falls, NY.

On my visit last week they had out at least one piece each by Rubens,
Ingres (I think there were three out), Tintoretto, Homer, Hassam, Eakins, Renoir, Bierstadt, Courbet, Pisarro, Picasso, Whistler, Rembrandt, Vedder, Ryder, El Greco, Seurat, Ruisdael,Tiepolo, Bellows and more. The Da Vinci is not currently on display but the small Botticelli is sitting on the same table as last time. You would not believe how close you can get to these works, it really does feel like you are in someone's home. This is a stately home but small and intimate by the standards of many of today's new homes. My favorites this time were the Ingres linked to above and this little piece by John Frederick Peto - that mug is much crustier and clumpier in real life. Or maybe my favorite was Rubens' Man in Armor or Cranach the Elder's St. Helena with the True Cross, on loan from another museum in exchange for yet another Rubens. Too Much!!!"



Bill Gusky said...

Boy you can say that again. Spent plenty of time in front of "Arabesque" at Yale Art Gallery, can't wait to see it in the renovated digs. This is on my list, Brotha.

Anyone hitting New Haven, park at Crown St. Garage, do lunch at one of the Indian joints around there, and spend the afternoon at Yale Art Gallery. It Does Not Disappoint.

Kai said...

Pollack's on paper at the Guuugenheim- awesome- just make sure to take the elevator up so's to avoid the Hadid show. Just kidding, the Zaha Hadid show is fun too, potato, potato, potato...
also, while on your way to New Haven- Sperone Westwater has some lovely photographs up.
peace to the rva

Anonymous said...

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