Thursday, June 01, 2006

Nominate Someone for the 2006 Pollak Prizes

Theresa Pollak
Theresa Pollak

Richmond Magazine
is accepting nominations for the 2006 Pollak Prizes. The nominees are recommended to a panel of selectors, who then choose the honorees. I don't know if the selectors have to actually choose from among the nominees or not, and the selectors are usually the previous year's winner in each category - 2004's Heide Trepanier chose 2005's Nick Kuszyk, 2004's Richard Roth selected 2005's Elizabeth King.

Categories are:

writer or poet

actor or director
vocalist or instrumentalist
ensemble (vocal or instrumental)
fine artist (painting,printmaking, or sculpture)
photographer or filmmaker
emerging artists
lifetime achiever - i guess this is in whatever art form?

Who will you nominate??? Say so in the comments. I need to think about it, but I'll update this post later with some names. The DEADLINE for nominations is June 30, 2006.

E-mail your nominations to Harry Kollatz at harryk@richmag.com, or post to 2201 W. Broad St, Richmond VA, 23220.

Nominees must be Richmonders, but I don't think you need to be a Richmonder to nominate.


Michael said...

You're my choice.

martin said...

thanks, michael!

where are the other names???

Anonymous said...

My nominations
writer or poet: Cheryl Pallant
actor or director: Yellow House Ensemble
vocalist or instrumentalist: Louis Ledford
ensemble (vocal or instrumental): Rattlemouth
dance: Starr Foster Dance Project
fine artist (painting, printmaking, or sculpture): Bill Fisher
photographer or filmmaker: Gordon Stettinius
emerging artists: Langdon Graves
lifetime achiever: Joe Seiple

martin said...

is langdon graves the artist currently showing at chop suey?

Anonymous said...

My nominations are:
writer/poet: Cheryl Pallant
Actor/director: Dorothy Holland
Vocalist/instrumentalist:Barry Lawson
Ensemble: Rattlemouth
Dance: Ground Zero
Fine Artist: Kendall Buster
Photography: Alyssa Solomon
Emerging Artist: Travis Fullerton
Lifetime Achiever: Martha Curtis of VCU Dance

Anonymous said...

Yes. Sorry for the double posting. I don't know how that happened.

martin said...

there is no double posting. the second list of nominations is from someone else.

these are being forwarded to Richmond Magazine, right?

Anonymous said...


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