Friday, April 06, 2007

chelsea, april 2007, #1... a SPECIAL EDITION anaba supplement to the NYTimes

i saw a lot of stuff... AGAIN. i mean, a LOT of stuff.

My plan was to start off with posting a few FAVORITES, but I saw that today's NYTimes reviews three of the shows I saw and had planned to mention in the next few days... so I think I'll just tag along with the Times and compare impressions.

Wilhelm Sasnal at Anton Kern - this show was a letdown... the painting posted above is probably the only one I liked(?).. it was a pretty WEAK painting show. BUT... it seems I completely missed an instructional video that was hidden somewhere and which supposedly provides all kinds of help(?) in appreciating the paintings. ALSO... Anton Kern exhibitions invariably "stay with me"... meaning that more than once I have left that gallery sort of disappointed, with a little more appreciation/understanding coming later.

Roberta Smith says - the film "helps explain but doesn’t really justify the deprived, unfinished look of the paintings and their general lack of color"... and that Sasnal "doesn’t give the viewer enough to work with."

UPDATE 4/7: artnet has posted a review of the show, including an image of the painting that is reversed... scroll all the way down.

Anya Kielar
Anya Keilar at Daniel Reich - not interested in any of the stuff in the front space, but enjoyed the three glamour-y mixed-media relief pictures in the back. They're like shadow boxes, with suspended layers of fabric and paper, really nice... lots to engage with.

Roberta Smith says - she likes the front stuff a little more than I do, but seems to agree that the three boxes in the back are the best.

Neil Farber at Clementine - SNOOZE. The piece pictured above is one of the first ones you see, many many many many little heads with faces... I initially thought it was an unusually unimaginative and drab Deki Yayoi. This show was a yuck that I probably wouldn't have mentioned except I'm playing this follow along with the NYTimes game.

Bridget Goodbody says - the show "brings to mind Dante’s Divine Comedy"... she also describes the show's "pièce de résistance".

HOLY SHIT! What crap! What is happening? She writes for the NYTimes??? Is that some kind of Sanjaya thing they are doing? I don't get it.

UPDATE: i was in chelsea months later... Clementine gallery's storage racks are viewable from the window on the tunnel... the "piece de resistance" is sitting on a shelf in the back.

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