Friday, April 27, 2007

seen today...

Went to Mass Moca again today, to see The Believers. It's (generally) an excellent show... and I was there for an hour and a half but definitely not long enough to really immerse myself, so I need to go back. I thought that show would be all I needed to see, but they've also opened an Erik Van Lieshout exhibition since my last visit... I had a brief look at that, but will have to return as it also looks very good (mostly videos).

One Thing: I hadn't quite realized, until today, exactly how much Jonathan Meese, Erik Van Lieshout, and myself have in common. Waaay waay too much. I can't even get into it.

That I didn't have enough time to spend with even one of those two shows should give you an idea of how BIG that place is... and there is much more to see. Two shows I've already seen were still there - Ahistoric Occasion was in the process of being de-installed, the Adam Cvijanovic/Peter Garfield show is still up - and the MAIN SPACE remains closed because of an artist that seriously sounds like a huge prick; and I almost always side with the artist. Here are some of his demands since abandoning the project.

At an antique store I saw this nice little painting and that it's a Clyde du Vernet Hunt, which was a real surprise... and they didn't know he was the guy who did the Abraham Lincoln outside of the Bennington Museum. Um, I think it was underpriced. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything.
RELATED: Okay, maybe this isn't a Redon... pretty doubtful... but I still like it (three hundred bucks, at different store).
I saw a HUGE turkey, standing all alone in a field. His feathers were completely fanned out, but in this picture a little less. Seriously, this was one big yummy bird.
baby sheep
Saw a lot of baby sheep in Hoosick.


Barnaby said...

I forgot to tell you just how much I love that creepy Lincoln..so very very good...

martin said...

it really is. and i lucked out visiting on that snowy day.

Anonymous said...

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