Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mark Creegan Thumbs-Up Comment

Mark Creegan left a really nice comment on my uber page, about the Thumbs-Up Photos -

"This is one of those projects that its so wrong its right. It flies in the face of the 'professionalism' that pervades so much art worlders in its fuck-it-all attutude. It is both fun and sad, and sincere in its demonstration of approval seeking.

It's about access of product, the access you have in getting these artists to see the work, the access thru approval, and the potential access such an endorsement brings. It's meaningful in that it's meaningless. What is going on thru these artists' minds at that moment? No doubt some enjoy the work and doing this, some seem to have taken some arm twisting and must be anxious by the simplicity of it all. A "limp" thumbs up and expressionless face replaces the appropriate "congratulations on your show". Your paintings, rich serious abstract ones at that, are playing a role of interloping backdrop to some impromtu poltical positioning."

(i'm posting it here with mark's okay)


michael cambre said...

i always appreciate mark's insights. for me there is the constant interplay between the insider/outsider thing going on in art and life. i get a sense of that in mark and his work, as well as in yours.

Anonymous said...

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