Friday, February 22, 2008

FAAN, especially FAWN

When I was on the Pocket Utopia blog last week I saw a link to something called the Fine Art Adoption Network, aka FAAN.

FAAN is full of artists... you can explore by artwork or by artist... hoping to find deserving homes for excess artwork. Everything is FREE, if you see something you want just contact the artist and try to explain how you will provide a loving and supportive home, and why your home is the best home for the well-being of the piece. Go to the website to learn more about the adoption process.

Fawn Krieger, CORRAL, 2003

Fawn Krieger's CORRAL is one of my favorite pieces, but unfortunately I cannot offer it the home it needs. Fawn is hoping to place CORRAL with a little girl.

Sand T
Sand T, Negotiating the Irrationalities, 11"x11", 2008

Also like this piece by Sand T... and am happy to see it... because I met Sand T when I showed at her space in Malden, but have never seen her work. NICE SURPRISE!! Now I want to see it for real.

FORTUNATELY, if I get to NYC before too long I can see Fawn Krieger's show at Art in General. I think the store will be open for two more months. I would like a pair of the art handling gloves, or something LV. Maybe I can get a fawncified LV bread tag necklace....


meridith said...

Yeah come to New York.

Rico's show at Pocket Utopia show is great, and only two blocks away.

belinda said...

FAAN is great. I have two drawing I adopted from there. One is a Jill Henderson piece and the other from Nick Holliday, both of which I really enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Martin thanks so much for telling us about Sand T and FAAN. I was lucky enough to be chosen by the artist to adopt "Negotiating the Irrationalities". My tiny art collection groweth.

Martin said...

congratulations! do i know you? will i ever see it?

are your initals ML? if not, i should e-mail her about this.

Anonymous said...

That was me Martin. Sand T said she mailed it out today.


Anonymous said...

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