Friday, May 23, 2008


David Cohen talks about life as an art critic in New York City, on youtube. Bill Maynes' youtube site, which I've mentioned previously, has a number of good artist talks (Alexi Worth, Chie Fueki, Stephen Mueller, Trevor Winkfield).

Life on Mars - lots of stuff on this site, including a page of video interviews with curator Douglas Fogle and some of the artists (David Shrigley, Vija Celminsm, Matthew Monahan), which I think will be expanded. Thanks, Zipthwung.

ARTifice - listed anaba as one of it's favorite artblogs, saying -

I have to give a shout-out to the guy who started it all for me, Martin Bromirski and his blog “Anaba.” Through Anaba, I was introduced to the world of art-blogging, and I was hooked. At the time, Anaba was Richmond, Virginia based, and I loved Martin’s witty, snarky, humorous take on the RVA arts scene (or lack thereof). Posts regarding Jerry Saltz and Art Basel:Stuffys, AND the world’s first google image search sculpture, AND the Christoph Buchel saga were instant classics.

WOw... that was so nice.

John Hager - Okay, this is not art, but I read that Jenna Bush married Henry Hager... so here is a photo from when I took Henry's father, John Hager, rafting. He is a Republican, but is otherwise a nice guy, and was pretty amazing. He's a paraplegic, and went white-water rafting... that's him in the front, sitting low because his legs are useless to brace with. Plus, he was sixty-nine yrs old in this picture.

MY FLICKR - Daaang, I've been on uploading my photos to flickr for a while now, but have only just discovered the extent to which they record visitor statistics. My flickr is like a website... I didn't realize so many people were looking at the flickr pictures... the total view count for my flickr site is 320,982(!).

Top Ten most viewed photos on my flickr site are -

1. Mary Heilmann - 1,813 - this was taken at Miami Basel 2005, probably at 303's booth. So ironic in light of the Simon Greenberg e-mail... and it's a really shitty picture.
2. Thomas Hirshhorn ...at Miami Basel 2005 - 1,455.
3. Marina Abramovic .. at Miami Basel 2005 - 1,089. Titties.
4. shunga - 1,054
5. PMA's Cy Twombly room - 1,019. This photo was taken by JT Kirkland.
6. One Day In The Garden, page 4 - 950. Yo, I have made a new site for this piece.
7. One Day In The Garden, page 1 - 880.
8. Inka Essenhigh - 805. One of the thumbs-up photos. It's like the first thing that comes up in a google image search for her. Sorry, Inka... (could be worse).
9. Martin Bromirski - 785.
10. Chris Dorland - 772. Not sure why.

Alison Fox is #12, Eric Sall is #16, Allyson Mellberg is #18 - not bad out of more than 3,500 photos.

RELATED: David Cohen's artcritical.com. Coincidentally, David Cohen's most recent review for artcritical compares Jake Berthot and Lois Dodd .... both of whom are artists featured on Bill Maynes' above-mentioned youtube site. Read the review, watch the artists.

Thumbs-Up from Lois Dodd.