Friday, May 09, 2008

Richard Prince on Exhibition Prints

Brian Appel contacted Richard Prince after reading Monday's post... here is Richard Prince's response -

Brian: the exhibition prints are exactly what they are... just for exhibitions... they are so stated on the back of the print... they are in my possession and remain so... for a large exhibition like the Guggenhiem, they become invaluble because you don't neccessarily have to show them, where if you borrow a print from an collector your pretty much committed to having to exhibit that work... they are especially flexible when the exhibition has to travel for a couple of years... Not every photo was an exhibition print... anyway I hope that clears things up... they will never see the light of day outside of an exhibition... because my editions are so small, we know where every print is anyway...

Prince doesn't address the use of enlarged formats for some of the Guggenheim exhibition prints, as mentioned by Isabelle Graw.

Richard Prince, untitled (Living Rooms), 1977

(thanks, Brian)

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