Monday, June 23, 2008

Michael Zahn

Michael Zahn at Eleven Rivington.

He has re-booted the gallery storefront inside the gallery... a window has been dragged.. there are scuffs.

Wall is painted like a computer version of a domestic space, hung with pixelated paintings. Try not to click on that upper-left corner. The painting on the right is a low-res image lifted from an album cover... the bottom hasn't finished loading. If you choose to end the program now you will lose any unsaved data.

Image Results.

Color swatches can be removed and added... the office has a huge stack.. you can download and arrange your own. The flowers will droop and die while you wait for it to come into focus.

Trying to figure out the password.

Not pictured are the solid 3-d macro-pixels stacking up in the window at the front of the gallery... not sure what is being transmitted, they can't be opened.... the information is not within but cumulative.

Interview with Michael Zahn.


Timothy Buckwalter said...

I'm a big Michael Zahn fan! Glad you got to see the show, I'm kinda jealous.

Manuel Pereira da Silva said...

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