Monday, July 21, 2008

anaba paparazzi

Lauren Luloff and friend. Click here to see Lauren's work. I'll add her friend's name later cuz I can't remember it now.

***Art-Stars attend Amy Sillman's opening at the Tang***

at Amy Sillman show
Thomas Nozkowski and Polly Apfelbaum.

Polly Apfelbaum's work I love... the more I see the more I'm into it. Saw Cartoon Garden at D'Amelio Terras, and recently saw these pieces on pillowcases in Present Tense, at Spanierman Modern.

First saw Nozkowski more than fifteen years ago at Jessica Berwind Gallery, in Philadelphia... can clearly remember appreciating that small painting.

RELATED: Casimir Nozkowski's youtube interview with Tom Nozkowski.... Thomas Nozkowski talks about art while on a hike... check out Casimir's other videos, he's funny.

at Amy Sillman show
Jennifer Coates and David Humphrey. Jennifer has a show opening in September at Kinz, Tillou and Feigen.

Halsey Rodman and Dana Schutz.
Halsey Rodman and Dana Schutz. Was Ryan Johnson there? His show looked good.

RED ALERT - Halsey Rodman's show is up at Guild & Greyshkul through the 25th. Read Paddy Johnson's review.

Dean Snyder
Dean Snyder, on left.

Dean Snyder has the upstairs show, Amy has the downstairs show. Both shows are excellent... with a nice small group show on the mezzanine (including Richard Artschwager) and a small grouping of work from the collection in the first-floor hall (including Nancy Shaver).

The Tang is BACK! The Tang is recommended again! Yay, Molecules that Matter is GONE!

I'll be going back a couple times to see these shows, although I probably won't post anything because the Tang doesn't allow photography and the guards have eagle eyes. It's a lot of mostly thankless effort on my part and I admit to being less inclined to make that effort when a place throws up bullshit restrictions. It would have been nice to show and tell how good the Martin Kersels and Joseph Grigely shows were.

Mass MoCA now allows photography.


kelli said...

Martin, Eric and Barnaby if you are in the city on Thursday I'm going to some openings to alleviate a bad case of studio cabin fever.

Anonymous said...

Sillman is great. She has a very different recent painting at the Color Climax group show at James Graham & Sons, a show that unfortunately has no web presence that I can find.
the painting is much less linear, more patchy, and the colors are less acid, more pastelly.

Barnaby said...

I can't believe I missed this photo op................

JC said...

It was GREAT seeing you Martin. And meeting your mom. What a nice surprise. That guy with Dana Schutz is Halsey Rodman, a really interesting sculptor. Hey and thanks for introducing me to Lauren.

Martin said...

thanks jennifer, i fixed the spelling and added links.

it was great to run into you as well... so unexpected.

zizzyeyed said...

Wow-amy is at a peak-so gratifying to see this balance of ...loose wit,smart,blea,dunno...just makes your tight molecules relaz a little-but not too much-Maturity,damn!is pretty sexy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the invite. Sorry I won't be in the city on Thursday.

Monad in the Boonies

Martin said...

hi kelli - i won't be in town either, but if you meet them at the "dangerous women" show say hi to carson f. or susan j. for me.

zipthwung said...

I lost my molecules.

Anonymous said...

By the way, when I used the term Monad I did not mean God or the first being, I meant a flagellated protozoan.

Nomi Lubin said...

I love those Lauren Luloff pieces you linked to.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. Wow.

kelli said...

Monad has so many different interesting meanings. And it rhymes with gonad. And loosely with donut and Conan. I can feel a poem coming on but I'm going to hold back ( or put it on Barnaby's blog instead).

kelli said...

Crap (now Martin won't let me post here anymore)

The Neoplatonists thought the one supreme being was a Monad.
Yahweh is one bad motherfucka. When he's pissed it's so bad.
Plotinus also thought the body was a prison. Locked up by appetite and a gonad.
Appetite for coffee and a Krispy Kreme donut.
If that doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. At least according to Conan.

Martin said...

ha! that is not the first monad poem i have read.

once met a poet named cort day who had written a poem which began "monad, a corrupt pastoral, deepens and unwinds"...

can't remember the rest but it was a beautiful poem and i actually wrote the whole thing all around the border of a painting (in 1999).

and also (after that) saw a really interesting-looking book in japan called "monad and thou".

isn't monad a word that came up in eric's investigation of your painting?

Anonymous said...

When I used the word monad in reference to Kelli's painting I meant it in the sense that Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz uses the word.

In refering to the psychological spaces the individual figures in Kelli's painting inhabited I thought that they were cut off from the phenomenal world and existed in a weird timeless realm, oblivious to the vicissitudes of life around them. They were profoundly introverted.

"The monads are "substantial forms of being" with the following properties: they are eternal, indecomposable, individual, subject to their own laws, un-interacting, and each reflecting the entire universe in a pre-established harmony (a historically important example of panpsychism). Monads are centers of force; substance is force, while space, matter, and motion are merely phenomenal."

Chris Ashley said...

Dennis Hollingsworth's paintings are full of monads.

Anonymous said...

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