Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Thomas Nozkowski on Painting

Thomas Nozkowski on painting, filmed by his son Casimir Nozkowski.


Anonymous said...

the best thing to happen to cortne lanier was that year she spent as a post bacc.
the even better thing to happen to cortne lanier was acceptance to risd.
all this would not have been possible without one martin bromirski.
applaud yourself for that one too.

martin said...

are you cortne?

cortne marches to the beat of her own drummer, martin has nothing to do with it.

e-mail me.

Mark Creegan said...

if i were teaching a painting class right now, this would be required viewing
thnks martin!

vc said...

Great to see and hear, but I can't help thinking how he does not fully cover or explain what is most magic about his paintings. Maybe there is always a gap between an artist's rhetoric and his/her work. Maybe Nozk says something crucial about his paintings, about their particular flavor, by not saying it.

martin said...

he is one of those artists whose work i can clearly remember seeing for the very first time... before ever hearing about them.

it was a small painting in a group show at the jessica berwind gallery, in philadelphia, i'm thinking late 80's/1990.

a small abstract.

i don't think that it had any great impact on my work of the time, but the memory is evidence it left an impression.

vc said...

I don't knwo how to post links like they do on PaintersNYC, but here


is a link to a very interesting discussion on Nozkowski. One of the best points made is that the museums (MoMA, Met, etc) have some catching up to do.

I first saw TN in 99 at MAx Protech, also before ever hearing about him. It was a great show, but I kind of wish I could have seen one among other works. I would love to visit a museum and see his among other great paintings.
This is true about a great many painters who have been around for ten years or more.
It's risky to make comparisons because the art word was so different in the 50s, but when you consider how early MoMA had work by Rothko, Pollock, Still, etc etc, these artists' careers were much younger than are the careers of Nozkowski, Heilman, Milhazes, Lasker.

I also remember the first Jake Berthot I saw, an atmostpheric and crusty abstraction called "There" at the Virginia Museum around 1991. It existed as a legend in my memory until I thought to actually look up the artist. It's been in storage ever since, I think. Hey, Ravenal, bring that thing back out and hang it between the Reinhardt and the Morandi!!

Anonymous said...

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