Friday, September 28, 2007

Richard Prince

I'm going to see the Richard Prince show at the Guggenheim today. Do you think I will meet any Richard Prince junkies that want to score a Second House baggie?

My painting is on Second House!!!


zipthwung said...

They had me going - though I know there's at least a bit of povery upstate - and a bunch of "youth migration" because the "economy" of the "municipality" is "depressed."

Still, I think a state like Missouri might be a better example of the walking poor.

People live lives of quiet desperation, even in affluent communities. Maybe that's what they mean.

martin said...

the upstate economy is depressed, yes much poverty, but r-ville is not.

there is something there called the renss. institute, an inn, lots of perfectly maintained little old houses...it is a pocket of doing fine-ness.

Anonymous said...


Richard Prince show at the Guggenheim

Did they show any of his "Playboy Bunny/Skull" surfboards? And if so, where did they install them??

martin said...

i don't recall seeing any, nor any reference to first or second house.