Wednesday, September 19, 2007

motion hearing, plus... new blog # 2

The Buchel/MassMoca motion hearing (is that supposed to be capitalized? Sergio, are you there?) is scheduled for Friday the 21st, at 2pm -

U.S. District Court Judge Michael A. Ponsor, in response to the museum's request for a jury trial, ordered an "inspection and photographing of the exhibit site on Aug. 17" and stated that "the court will take a view of the pertinent premises at the facility" on Sept. 18. Lawyers for each party will have a chance to argue any motions on Sept. 21, at which time the judge hopes to rule from the bench on whether the exhibit will be seen or not — or if a jury will decide.

PLUS: Mass Moca has a new blog. Here is the post in which they address some of the Buchel questions. You can leave comments.

Sergio, you know you want to!!!

Um, there has been A LOT of stuff written about this lately. Roberta Smith's piece was disappointingly redundant... nothing new worth reading. Thomas Micchelli's Brooklyn Rail piece is better.

Best new thing I have seen are the drawings of Amy Wilson.