Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Roberta Smith Calls For The Destruction of Amerika

If an artist who conceived a work says that it is unfinished and should not be exhibited, it isn’t — and shouldn’t be. End of story. - Roberta Smith, on B.

Franz Kafka published only a small selection of short stories during his lifetime, and never finished a novel. Prior to his death, he instructed, in writing, his friend (and executor) Max Brod to destroy all of his papers and manuscripts.

Amerika, The Castle, and The Trial are the three unfinished novels that were published after Kafka's death, against his will, along with most of the stories.


Roberta Smith on Tim Rollins and the Kids of Survival's Amerika.

Roberta Smith on Martin Kippenberger's The Happy End of Franz Kafka's 'Amerika'.
(has Roberta written anything yet on Keith Tyson's Large Field Array, at Pace... that comes from the Kippenberger... which comes from the Kafka?)

Roberta Smith references Kafka in reviewing Christoph Buchel, 12/21/2001. Ouch! TOO IRONIC.

Roberta Smith references Kafka in reviewing Luc Tuymans.

Roberta Smith references Kafka in reviewing Ann-Sofi Siden's QM I Think I Will Call Her QM. DAMN, I saw that - and loved it - at Mass Moca!!


Petulant said...

Not relevant to the post, but yes, my youtube channel is gone. Though there are still plenty of others with similar or the exact content as mine. I might start over again at Daily Motion. I still haven't decided yet.

martin said...

that BLOWS!

Allan Smithee said...

I understand Roberta Smith's sentiment though I think perhaps thats in regards to a solitary artist working in his studio or the "field". Feel the process in the Christoph Buchel case was almost one of a collaboration between institution and artist.

Perhaps R. Smith should be using Michael Cimino and Heaven's Gate, instead of Kafka, as metaphor/analogy.

anonanmungus said...

heaven can wait

martin said...

i'm away from the computer for a few days...

see you soon.

aok said...

MArtin -
Your blog always makes me smile... AND think. Thanks for keeping at it. You should send Jon Stewart some video posts - it would be great!

Anonymous said...

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