Monday, September 10, 2007

Judith Linhares

Judith Linhares is showing at University Art Museum, in Albany.

Plenty, 2002

As She Is, 2005

The figures, especially the one on the right, made me think of Cezanne. Not just the Bathers paintings... but also his apples and tableclothes, all of the faceting and outlines.

I especially loved the wide boxy structure of the hips of the purply woman on the right, and her awkward legs.

This is kind of like a Christ lowered from the cross picture.

Dipper, 2007

Really liked this one, the fracture and reflection, how the arms are disconnected at the waterline.

Judith Linhares
Very nice.

Stir, 2004

Most of them have a central pyramidal pile shape, with the female figures splayed around it. Maybe that consistent shape is some kind of anchor, representing something else for her.... it's usually represented as warmth, safety, shelter, offering sustenance, a place to play on or relax under.

(That cabin reminds me of the funny house in Erwin Wurm's video, asking "Am I a house, or am I art?")

UPDATE: Judith Linhares will be giving a lecture - Wednesday, September 26, 7pm - at the University Art Museum.


Allan Smithee said...

surprised somebody hasn't said, "My kid could do that painting."

um, no.

very nice figurative/abstract wet in wet painting. thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

Someone always says that, about everything. I like Rauschenberg's reply: "But madam, day after day after day?"
I like these too.

Amy said...

judy fucking rules. go see her speak if you can. she's articulate and generous and all around great. thank you for posting these.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to try.

Anonymous said...

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