Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ZANISNIK PLUS! *update, meridith pingree update!*

Shows with anaba friends, listed chronologically -

UPDATE!: i forgot Meridith Pingree at the Soap Factory (Minneapolis) through October 21 and Supreme Trading (Brooklyn) until the end of the month!!! Lauren Luloff is also in that Brooklyn show!

Melissa Meyer - Melissa Meyer: Paintings and Works on Paper 1975-2005, at the List Gallery, Swarthmore College. This show has already opened and runs through September 30, after which it will travel to Ringling College of Art and Design, 2/11-3/19.


Tadashi Moriyama and Janice Caswell - are both included in Breaking New Ground: The Power and Variety of Landscapes, curated by Ellyn Murphy, at Iona College, in New Rochelle. This show has already opened and runs through October 11.

Tadashi included my stuff when he was doing the Freeform shows in Philadelphia... and it got reviewed by Roberta. Tadashi was most recently included in a show at Like the Spice, and was mentioned by Brent.

Fiona Ross - a line is a thing that moves in time, at H&F Fine Arts, in Maryland (very close to DC). This show has already opened and runs through October 13.

Fiona is an Art Basel: Stuffy's alumni, all of whom will become HUGE and spread the legend of that landmark exhibition.

Jered Sprecher - Jered has work in Non-Declarative, at The Drawing Center. This show has already opened and runs through October 18.

Bryan Zanisnik - is having his FIRST NYC SOLO SHOW, 80 Year War, opening September 20 at Priska C. Juschka!

This is the third artist I've met - each in a different state - who has gone on to have his/her first NYC solo show at Priska Juschka. I am liking this gallery.

Did I mention this? I saw that Aaron Johnson show at Priska Juschka and when I asked something about the process was *wowed* by the explanation. Not so much the content, but that the gallery person who was explaining went on and on and on, smiling and friendly.... she was REALLY genuinely into it and talking about it, saying he had recently given a lecture in the gallery. She was kind of amazing.

Harry Roseman - 100 Most Popular Colors, opening September 25, at Davis & Langdale Company.

Amie Oliver - Walk the Walk, opening September 28, at Plant Zero (in Richmond).

Rosanna Bruno - is included in The Fluid Field: Abstraction & Reference, curated by Dona Nelson (herself a very interesting painter), October 3-21, at Tyler (in Philadelphia).

Rosanna is showing with Natasha Bowdoin, Angela Dufresne, Anoka Faruqee, Louise Fishman, Deborah Grant, Iva Gueorguieva, Liz Markus, Rebecca Saylor Sack, Tanaya Neal.

- an all lady show, i guess. why? is there a reason? is it a statement? how many all-lady show statements before i am allowed to say "enough/barf"?

plus -

Roger White - has started a new journal - with Dushko Petrovich - called Paper Monument.

(ps - anaba friend is a very loose term. many anaba relationships are imagined)


Anonymous said...

when you start to say "enough barf" everytime there is an "all boy show", do you have the same reaction when you see a group show of all men? i bet it doesnt even cross your mind? i hate all women or all men shows, but she has a point, until the MEN start refusing to be in all male shows, this will continue.

Anonymous said...



- oh, and i'd like to note here, that i'm being critical of artnet under my own name.


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