Tuesday, September 25, 2007

another NYTimes B. correction... plus UPDATES

Hey, the NYTimes has changed the misleading caption in the image from the slideshow I mentioned yesterday. That was the second correction/edit they have had to make to that piece.

(that maybe explains the unusual number of NYTimes hits on my statcounter yesterday?)

Plus -

B. has filed an appeal.

Any more updates on this matter I will make to THIS post. Getting tired of every post on B.

UPDATE - it's on Slate.
UPDATE - Mass Moca is removing the materials... and,
the museum announced today that in conjunction with The Clark Art Institute, it would co-host a symposium devoted to the issues raised by this case. The symposium will be held later this fall.
UPDATE - Geoff Edgers for Boston Globe.
UPDATE - Joe Thompson e-mail to Time.