Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hudson visit

It was a toss-up between the Martin Creed show at Bard, or Asher Durand at the Thomas Cole house.... and we went with Durand/Cole. I'm glad I got to see the very small half-a-barn studio in which Cole painted most of his work... way more humble of a space than I expected, for the Course of the Empire series to have come from. Can't imagine what it was like with all of those big paintings laying around.

And... it turned out that T. Cole's house was only six miles from Hudson, so...

John Davis Gallery
John Davis Gallery - this was the best, with a very cool old concrete(?) grain elevator-like building in the back. He has shows in both spaces.

Brenda Goodman
First Best Thing - seeing two small Brenda Goodman paintings in the John Davis window... I recognized her work from an ArtCritical studio visit. Very happy (to see), 'cause she's seriously GOOD.

Rosanna Bruno
Second Best Thing - seeing a small Rosanna Bruno on the wall! She is an internet friend, I interknow her.

Rosanna will have a show here I think in October or November... I forget.

Lisa Krivacka
Lisa Krivacka, at Leo Fortuna - this was the other good gallery... I think it's new. This 2007 Krivacka has a seventies Sylvia Sleigh vibe.

Christina Malisoff - not at a gallery, but at Frank Swim's furniture store. Three interesting pieces.

stitchy piece
stitchy piece - in an antiques/thrift store... it's all stitching. Tiny construction figures, tiny ladder, tiny stitched brickpiles. There were two more, all sitting on the floor, behind a chair. Don't know who made them...


Tracy said...

HELLO!! Carrie Haddad Gallery on Warren Street!!! She shows my work. You missed me me me me!

Well, my work anyway.

martin said...


hey, i went to carrie haddad! i did miss you, though.. i didn't know you showed there or i would have looked for your stuff.

they have some other artists showing right now.

Tracy said...

Yeah, she has a few things either in the back room or in the stacks. You'd have to ask to see it. I am having a show there in May.

And did I read somewhere that you used to live in Philly? I think it was an old post or something.

martin said...

yes, i was in philly from 1986-1994, and had a show at the art alliance in 2002.

i really like philadelphia. scroll down to my labels cause there are a bunch of posts on philadelphia art and artists.

Anonymous said...

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