Friday, August 31, 2007

articles to read, shows to see

articles to read -

So weird the Randy Kennedy NYTimes article on Mike Nelson .... because so much of what he describes sounds like he could be describing the installation work of Christoph Buchel -

"His artworks are not exactly objects but, in the tradition of Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, whole environments, warrens of rooms and corridors, fake taxi offices and crack dens, constructed from and furnished with the things he scavenges in the cities where he creates exhibitions."

Nato Thompson is the curator of both this Mike Nelson piece and the Buchel show, and Randy Kennedy is the one who wrote that big NYTimes article on Buchel/MassMoca. Just seems strange not to mention Buchel.

Nelson appears to be much more of a hands-on installer (than Buchel)... more like Richard Serra, as observed in yet another(!) Randy Kennedy article.

Richard Prince in Modern Painters - says that the only artwork in the ruined house was the Sid Vicious painting, but this mark must have come from a burned hood, right? Plus, he refers to the Sid Vicious piece as a work from 1992, yet I'm POSITIVE that the painting ruined in the fire was signed and dated 1998. Maybe he forgot the correct date, or is just doing his screwing around with the dates thing.

Richard Prince... omiyage
bag of house.

Only glanced through Art in America but saw that there are articles on both High Times, Hard Times and Artificial Light. I've made labels for both those shows... including Ceal Floyer Secrets Revealed!

Artificial Light at Anderson Gallery
The Artificial Light reviewer also noticed the Nathaniel Rackowe noose... she's got a great description of his piece.

Erik van Lieshout (at Mass Moca) in today's NYTimes - oh man, he is really good... this is another one of those shows I've seen more than once and regretfully have yet to mention. Grace Glueck does a good job of getting it across....

It's nice to see the freaky artist-son/mother relationship on film.. and see the same thing in Jonathan Meese's movie and painting downstairs in The Believers. That's partly the "waaay waay too much" we all have in common I was hinting at back in April.

shows to see -

Edwin Dickinson in Provincetown - this show has already opened, but I've only just heard about it. Charles Giuliano saw the show, has lots of info.

Edwin Dickinson
Andree's Ballon, 1928, at the PAFA. Really thought about this painting for long time after that visit.. or rather, STILL am.

CLOSES September 23rd!! Shit! I want to see this.

Alan Shields at Parrish Art Museum - opening October 21st.

Richard Prince at Guggenheim - opening September 28th.