Thursday, August 16, 2007

space on battenkill

Martin Bromirski (that's me)
The one on the left was in Art Basel: Stuffy's, the one on the right was in the DUMBO show.

Only two are done, the rest are "in progress". The silver square one (top right) was in a show at The Painting Center last month. The third one down, on the right side, was on PaintersNYC last year.

The one on the left might be done, the one in the middle is almost certainly done (it was in the Painting Center show), and the one you can glimpse on the right is done and was in my show at the Markel Building last year.

The one on the bottom is something unfinished from at least a year ago that I've taken out again.

View outside door. There is a steep bank down to the river, right where it goes over an old dam... so there is the sound of water all the time. It's nice.


Allan Smithee said...

you're a very clean painter... or else you cover the walls while working or paint them on the floor.

Thanks for a view from your studio.

martin said...

allan - no, i'm a very very messy painter. i do these small ones flat on a table, mostly.

Nomi said...

Can't see them! Why are you taking such far away small pictures? Want to see them.

martin said...

i just wanted to see/show a mix of the finished and unfinished, in the environment... but, here are some links to better images of some of the finished ones.

one at markel building show -


(that's the one that was on painter's blog)

glimpsed purple one -


yellow one at stuffy's -


dumbo show one -


thumbs-up! -


ps - i am psyched because i borrowed a better camera and am going back to richard prince's house tomorrow to take more pictures. all of my photos from the first trip were cell-phone pics, except for about eight pics with a better camera until we ran out of film.

i want to get some of the same shots i posted, but on good film. hopefully nothings changed in a week, and nobody will be there.

today was perfect weather for it.

Nomi said...

Oh, thank you. I guess I'd seen most of the flickr ones already. Though, I don't think the DUMBO one. Like it very much. Thank you.

martin said...

fuck, i went back like i said, this time with a borrowed digital camera... and it CRAPPED OUT ON ME after like ten shots.


oh well, between the two trips i got about ten good printable photos maybe.

plus like sixty trusty cell-phone pics.

Martin said...

i went a third time shortly after that last comment and got some good photos.

it's snowing right now, so i'm curious about going and seeing it all snowy.

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