Saturday, September 08, 2007


Shows with anaba Friends - a little late, but two shows are opening this weekend (one Friday in Indianapolis, one Saturday in Brooklyn), both of which feature a number of artists "as seen on anaba".

Material Presence, at Marsh Project Gallery, Indianapolis - this show includes Danielle Riede, Eric Sall, and Wendy White.

Danielle on anaba, Eric on anaba here and here (with good comments), Wendy on anaba. I think someone in Indianapolis is maybe reading anaba!!!

Wide Open, at McCaig-Welles, Brooklyn... OPENING is SATURDAY 9/8, 8-11pm!!! - this show is curated by Nick Kuszyk and includes Kai Vierstra, Bonnie Collura, Pat Berran, Drew Liverman, Peter Corrie, Bruce Wilhelm, and Langdon Graves.

Kai on anaba here and here, Pat on anaba, Drew on anaba 6/8/07, 6/7/07, 8/24/06, 11/8/05 (!), Peter on anaba here and here, Bruce... Bruce has been on here so many times he has his own label, click and scroll down to see much Bruce.

Curator Nick is on anaba here 8/24/2006, here 2/23/2006 (this is the BEST), here 9/16/05, here 10/20/04... PLUS I'm wearing a Nick Kuszyk t-shirt in these Philly artblog photos.

GOOD THING - i have stuff by Bruce, Nick, and Peter.
BAD THING - i am not in either of these shows.


Scott said...

Hey Martin,

I have in deed been reading your blog (daily) for a long time now and planned on emailing you about the Material Presence show here in Indianapolis but failed to do so. In fact, I first came across Danielle's work while reading your blog and that is how I came to contact her for this show. I could not be happier with how the show came together and enjoyed spending time with all of the artists. We even talked about your blog over dinner and soon realized how small this art and blogging world really are. In case I never told you so before, thanks for linking to my blog, On the Cusp. Keep up the great work.

martin said...

hey scott! i just saw some pictures from the show... looks awesome! eric's painting... wow.

seriously wish i could come and see it for real.

Anonymous said...

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