Thursday, October 20, 2005

new acquisitions

Peter Corrie, originally uploaded by Bromirski.

Above is the scrappy Peter Corrie drawing I bought from his show at Nonesuch last month. It was only $30.00. This demon ghost cloud is tearing the artist to pieces, I think it came from the rug - or maybe it is the demon from the artist. It looks like my frustration.

Also, Mike Martin and his NEW WIFE Billie stayed with me last weekend, and Mike gave me a painting! They left before I could give them one also, that is the plus side of sleeping until 2pm. Mike recently finished a residency at a place in Kentucky called Artcroft. It's small, run by an older couple, he had a good time. He made this outdoor sculpture, a roller-coaster drawing amongst the trees. It will stay there until it falls down or some kid jumps on it.

P.S. Nonesuch is having Psychoterror Wednesdays!!! every Wednesday at 8pm. Horror movies. Bring your own refreshments. FREE.

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