Friday, October 28, 2005


Sunflower, originally uploaded by Bromirski.

These horizontal things always get a little distorted when I put them on the blog. Click here to see it MUCH better. For the previous ones just click on the image, and click again on "all sizes" if you'd like to see it bigger and better.


Anonymous said...

This is a neat series. Was this work inspired by anything in particular you'd care to share?

Martin said...

Bill - Thank YOU. It was inspired by many different things.

There are little Shinto shrines all over in the Japanese countryside, usually with two little ceramic kitsune (foxes) siting out front, guarding it. One has it's mouth open,saying "ah", the other's mouth is closed, saying "un". One is the beginning of life and one is the end. The first and last breath. If you pass through, between them, you are sort of between life. This piece is like that (for me). Non-linear, circular, no time.