Tuesday, October 04, 2005

talks and performances

Paul Ryan will give a talk tomorrow, Wednesday, 7pm, at Reynolds Gallery. He has a solo show of paintings on the first floor. Paul was the co-curator of Adaptation Syndrome and has recently joined the faculty at VCU.

Diana Cooper will also give an artist talk tomorrow at the VCU Fine Arts Building, 3rd Floor, at 11am. Grace Glueck just reviewed a show at Hunter that Cooper is in.

Stephen Vitiello and Andrew Deutsch will perform together Saturday, October 8, 7:30 pm at Solvent Space. Stephen Vitiello has the current show there, although the website hasn't been updated in months.

I was at Reynolds Gallery today and am HAPPY to report that Ron Johnson is back in top form. He has two big works, each on two overlapping sheets of mylar, hanging on the second floor. These pieces are a little more exuberant than his previous dark and creepy good stuff. More drawing. Ron's titles always say it all, one of these is called "Trying To Find a Way Back". I think Ron must work a lot.

I spent some time watching the slow, jerky movements of Claire Watkins robotic branch - it's like a pinned down Frankenstein butterfly trying to come to life and escape. Great electronic whirring struggling sound also. Lois Dodd has a nice little painting of an iris, and someone, I'll check back, has a clunky little gold sculpture on the windowsill.