Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Longest Day

Matthew Fisher and Jon Lutz co-organized a day of art in the park a couple Saturdays ago... called The Longest Day... it was the day after Summer Solstice.

J.D. Walsh, Barrow (Fruity Pebbles), 2008, archival ink-jet print on wood.

KIDS LOVE FRUITY PEBBLES!! Fruity Pebbles has won the hearts and minds of children everywhere... every kid in the park came to ogle this box of giant Fruity Pebbles... they could not believe it.. it's like they were wondering when it would be opened, how big would the Fruity Pebbles be, what is the prize??? They pointed and dragged parents. They tried to get on it. They basically just stood around with wide eyes and huge grins.

Jon Lutz
Jon Lutz - the man... the blog. The latest post is an artist feature/interview with Patrick Brennan, currently showing at Werkstatte.

Stacy Fisher, untitled, 2008, wood, plaster, hinges, paint

It's two pieces propped together, with a couple different possible positions. The wooden part is hinged.

Stacy Fisher

Stacy Fisher
The palette, plywood, lumpy white plaster, and hints of functional possibilities reminded me of the Kenji Fujita/Nancy Shaver collaboration.

Jaime Gecker, wallwork, 2008, photo laminate, latex, and spray paint on plywood, 3 parts.



FRUITY PEBBLES!!! This kid just kept looking from the box to the group and back again, with that huge smile on his face. His eyes were bugging.

Check out Jon's and Matthew's blogs for more info and photos of The Longest Day, at McCarren Park. Thanks Jon and Matt, this was a great afternoon.


Anonymous said...

And what am I? Chopped liver?

-Count Chocula

Martin said...

apologies to you and boo-berry.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Fruity Pebbles, and not Lucky Charms, are "magically delicious".

-Count Chocula, II

Jon said...

Hey Martin. Thanks for the post. Nice pics!

Don’t apologize to Count Chocula-He knows what he did!

Anonymous said...

Drats! I've been foiled again! If that A-Hole Cap'n Crunch doesn't shut his piehole I will suck his blood, and leave a tasty bowl of cereal behind!

-Count Chocula, III

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness though, Walsh's "Barrow" looks really great for a number of reasons.

Martin said...

i love how the little girl in the bikini has her hand on the other girl's neck.

Anonymous said...

You art guys can be creepy sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You see that a lot if you watch kids. I wonder if it's a control thing. LIke they see such gestures from their parents and they try it out themselves. Odd that these look like twins, though, because usually it is between older and younger. We have a photo of my older brother and I at, I think, 7 and 5, by a pool in some motel, and he is obviously coralling me. There's a girl on my street who gets very frustrated because her brother will not be controlled.

Anonymous said...

Jean-Luc Godard called adults monsters and children little monsters.