Sunday, August 31, 2008

some openings

some upcoming openings -

Colleen Asper in a group show opening at Deitch Projects on Sept. 4th, 6-8 - this painting would have been so good in the lady-lacking Mr. President.

Diana Al-Hadid at Perry Rubinstein, opens September 4th.

Sally Smart at Postmasters, opens September 6th - i liked her Surface Charge installation.

Jennifer Coates at Kinz Tillou Feigen, opens September 9th !!!

Amy Wilson at BravinLee, opens September 12th, 6-8pm.

Noel Grunwaldt at Stellan Holm, opens September 12th - nice work, and it will likely be a fairly star-studded opening, if you know what i mean.

Pawel Wojtasik at Martos Gallery, opens September 18th - very good... and he once included me in a show he co-curated.



Barnaby said...

they forgot to put me in the Deitch show. Whatever. I didn't want to do it anyway.

kelli said...

I know Pawel from Yale Martin. He was one of the nicest people there which is kind of like saying "you give great blowjobs for a nun" but anyway he's a very nice guy.

Kai said...

Wow, Pawel's videos are great but that nun thing puts him over the top. Martin, are you visiting for September's festivities? Harvest time's an anchor? We bought a box fan for you if that helps you decide.

Barnaby said...

..driving through Chelsea in the Scion is not the same without you Martin

Martin said...

those pawel photos are gorgeous. you can see some clips of videos on his website.

i wish i could come down this month but i am a little stressed, as usual, about money... so i should probably stay here and pick vegetables. plus i need to make stuff for my show in october.

but i also need to find a place in nyc at some point, somehow.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever done any legal proofreading Martin? I survived in NYC and paid my way through graduate school doing temp proofreading. I worked with Bon Temps. I got all of my assignments through them. You have to pass a proofreading test in order to get signed to the agency but it is pretty easy if you know proofreading symbols, which you can find online.

zipthwung said...

im thinking sarah palin

baby-head commemoratives with a "its hur co-caine season" lapel pin.

eda said...