Friday, March 11, 2005

... and death

I'm included in a group show opening today called ...and death at Manchester Community College's Newspace Gallery.

It's a big show, I'll list the artists -

Heather Adair
Jason Robert Bell
Linda Dennis
William Donovan
Tom Downs
Paula Giovanni-Morris
Ronald Gonzalez
Mollie Vera Grace
Francis Holstrom
Herbert Hoover !?
Kevin Klein
Shay Kun
David Lachman
Peter Lew
Monika Malewska
Emil Memon
Traci J. Molloy
Jeff P. Porterfield
Pasha Radetzki
Carol Radsprecher
Bobby Steel
Randall Stoltzfus
Sylvia Sukop
Mara Trachtenberg
Andreas Trachtenberg
Andreas Troeger
Kurt Brian Webb

Whew! That's a lot of artists. My contribution is a twenty piece narrative, but it's non-linear and can be put up in any order, or without using all twenty images - so we'll see how many they have room to put up.

The curators are Susan Classen-Sullivan and Pawel Wojtasik.

...and death
March 10 - April 7
Newspace Gallery
Manchester Community College
Great Path
Manchester CT 06040

information: 860-512-2693

P.S. Mountain Man! I think you'd like this piece Wojtasik had in a show at Momenta (scroll down).


Mountain Man said...

Congratulations and thank you for thinking of me. You made me so happy!

Anonymous said...

Dark Sun Squeez, the video piece referred to here by Pawel Woljtaskik was shown before the Momenta Show in a group show called "Big America" curated by Linda Dennis and Pan Xing Lei in April 04 at Fish Tank Gallery (now closed) on N6th in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
other artists in that show included:
Shen Cheng Xu
Linda Dennis
Pan Xing Lei
Gae Savannah
Arbuzo Danhilli
Matt Garrison
Isolde Kille
Wolfgang Stiller

Anonymous said...

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