Thursday, March 17, 2005

strange detective

Last Saturday afternoon I was at World Cup coffee house and noticed the strangest thing. There was a guy I walked by whose hair seemed a little "off", then I noticed he was wearing an empty shoulder holster, then I realized he was wearing a wig, then I realized he had on a fake mustache!

This guy was sitting alone at a table and working on a laptop. His clothes were cheap detectivey with short sleeves and a loud paisley tie. He had a bit of a paunch, but it may have been padding. He seemed a little tired and wasn't acting at all hammy or self-conscious.

This guy looked like someone in his 20's disguised as a thirty-something version of NYPD Blue's Andy Sipowicz. So weird! It was like a non-performing performance – I’m not sure that anybody else even noticed him, although the coffee counter guy must have. Are there more people like this walking around in bad disguises?

What an interesting artist!


mountain man said...

That was me.

kitty said...

He might have been a murder suspect on the lam. This is plausible in Richmond.

Anonymous said...

I saw some dudes, probably some undergrad art students from VCU, on a fire escape on Franklin Street who looked like they were shooting a remake of Spike Jonze's video for the Beastie Boys's song Sabotage. Probably the same kids.


Anonymous said...

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