Monday, March 14, 2005

Artists on the Armory Show

Art Star with some much needed advice for Marcel Dzama.

Fairy Butler disappointed.

Josse Ford disappointed.

Mountain Man disappointed. Scroll down to about the fifth comment where they begin to discuss the Inka Essenhigh painting they saw. I like the latest work she has on her website so I'm curious about this new piece.

Let me know of other artist-bloggers takes and I'll update.


Mountain Man said...

Hi Martin, I feel the need to clarify that the comments on this post do not necessarily reflect Mountain Man's own true feelings about Inka Essenhigh. Mountain Man respects and likes her work very much. In fact he has found her to be very influential over the years. I will check out her website. I didn't know she had one. Thanks for the tip.

The Armory was a long and harrowing day.

Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Inka too. However, I seem to have missed the armory. I live in Ohio. Maybe next year.

Anonymous said...

why do you link to these blogs? they are silly and puerile.

Tired Art Fair Goer said...

I definitely felt lightheaded after the armory. But I thought Santi Moix, David Korty and Wangechi Mutu looked great.

Martin said...

Mountain Man - jeez, Mountain Man, I'd have to be a real Grammer Priss to think that anonymous commenters on your blog are speaking for you. Don't worry, it's pretty clear you are an Essenhigh fan. I once had a studio visit with her and she was great. Thumbs-Up! Her website is www.inka-essenigh.com.

Anonymous #2 - are you with the Grammer Priss?

Tired Art Fair Goer - thanks for the tips, I don't know the first two.

mountain man said...

Thanks Martin. The Grammar Priss is a stink. But I thought was important to say how I felt. That's all. Otherwise I am not afraid of stirring up the controversy. I swear to Zogg.

Hey Martin!!! I like you.

Anonymous said...

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