Monday, March 28, 2005

Marlene Dumas!

Happy to see the article on Marlene Dumas in the NYTimes yesterday - I'm a big fan. I couldn't believe it back in November when Richard Polsky wrote about her - he is not a fan. I ended up making three short Marlene Dumas posts: one, two, three.

Incidentally, Richard Polsky is shunning me! In this later article he calls David Hockney "one of our ten finest living painters" - but when I contacted him asking who the other nine were he wrote back he was too busy to tell me! I e-mailed him again a couple weeks later and haven't heard back. Bummer. I'm dying to know who the others are!

Do you have a list of "ten finest living painters"? Post it in the comments.

UPDATE 1/30/05 :

Franklin Einspruch has written a post responding to the NYTimes Marlene Dumas article. Lots of interesting comments - most of his readers do not like Dumas.

The exception is a commenter named George who writes: "the NYT illustrations made me think of the Goya frescos at the Florida in Spain. In my opinion these are among the greatest paintings ever made. She tried." I think George is the artist George Rodart, he later adds a link to his website with scans from a book of the aforementioned Goya frescos.

Franklin's frequent commenter Oldpro offers "Olitski is my nominee for the best living artist".

Where are my requests for The Finest Living Painters???


Timothy Butterworth said...

Dear Martin,

Have you ever thought about going on the Bachelor? I know you have a girlfriend but I think you would be so good on it. I am watching it now and I can't turn away although I have all of this reading to do:

1. Susan Sontag
2. Hal Foster
3. Rosalind Krauss
4. Walter Benjamin
5. Charles Baudelaire
6. Rabelais
7. Ogden Nash
8. Philip Dick
9. George Latour
10. Charles Mc Baggins

That is my current reading list.



ham paw said...

Marlene Dumas is a dutch person, therefore she may be from another planet. they are an odd civilization which is merely one of many is this vast solar system of delights. I feel that her paintings are of strangers not of this planet. Why? because of the eyes. The eyes are bulging often. no, change that to always. That is a condition of ET. I would recommend a changed diet and the practice of the hop scotch. martin, this is as real as is the otherness of the dutch citizen. Follow the patterns laid out for you through the continuity of the others. I would like you to pressure the textures of the canvas.

Dutch Alien said...

I am present in the world. I am a knockout. Here I come!!!!

Dutch Alien said...

I am present in the world. I am a knockout. Here I come!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am 30. I am too old.

Martin said...

Tim - I want to be on The Amazing Race. Have you read Hal Foster's Prince Valiant saga? I'm not familiar with the others.

Ham Paw - Marlene Dumas is from South Africa. She's not really Dutch.

ham paw said...

Martin, The Dutch were European settlers to South Africa. Her alien Dutchness is clear to anyone who has awakened from the slumber of reason. The eyes are bulging. The color is pallid. This is just the beginning of the Dutch conspiracy. Your introduction to this practice of awareness is drawing near. Prepare please.

Martin said...

Ham Paw - You're right! Sorry, I've been really stressed lately; none of my mail has been held or forwarded since my move. I don't know where my rejections are going!

ham paw said...

send the rejections to me. I eat paper.

Jason said...

This is less a list of the 10 greatest and more a list of who I like:

Terry Winters
Susan Rothenberg
Lari Pittman
Mark Ryden
Glenn Brown
Udomsak Krisanamis
Jules de Balincourt
Holly Coulis

Anonymous said...

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