Friday, March 25, 2005

Social Sculpture For Sale

I'm selling pieces of my Social Sculpture for $2.00 each. Tell me what post interests you and I'll print it out (including all the comments), sign it, and mail it to you. Social Sculpure comes in an edition of infinity.

You have to e-mail me.

related: Oliver Kamm has a pledge drive going on. His friend Juan is making fun of him. I like Oliver Kamm.


Anonymous said...

Where's your email address?

Bubble said...

I would like to purchase the Zach Feuer/ Kunty Bush thread for $500. It's worth that much to me.

James W. Bailey said...


You keep it real, man.

And I'll up Mr. Bubble and pay $1,000 for the Zach Feuer/Kunty Bush thread using a stolen government credit card!


James W. Bailey

Fragmented Head said...

I WILL PAY $10,000!!! That was funny stuff. And informative too.

Martin said...

My e-mail address is my last name at hotmail.

Martin said...

James W. Bailey - I just went to your site, those are some nice photographs in the "Rough Edge Photography" series. I liked "Luling Lounge" and "Causeway" and "New Orleans Hotel" maybe the best. Very good - thanks - and thanks for all of your comments on this and the other sites. - Martin

James W. Bailey said...

Dear Martin,

Thanks, man. I emailed Christina a few days ago and told her that you and others in Richmond are generating a great deal of buzz up here. It motivates me to want to come down and check out the art scene there.

Thanks for the compliments on my work and thanks for keeping the conversation on your blog real.



Anonymous said...

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