Monday, March 28, 2005

last week on art.blogging.la

Lots of information, excitement, debate, and disagreement on Caryn Coleman's art.blogging.la last week.

The Greater LA Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists sponsored a panel on art journalism in LA - Caryn was one of the panelists and Sean blogged it.

Here's the roughly chronological breakdown -

1. Sean's transcript of the panel - followed by some comments critical of the moderator, a plug by Mark Vallen, and a fuck off by Sean.

2. a little blurb by Caryn - followed by a bunch of comments, mostly some kind of argument between the anonymous commenter Commentator and Caryn. Some very funny comments by an artist named Patrick N. O'Brien, he gets weirder and funnier with each post. The only artist named Patrick O'Brien I can find is this one - that would be perfect.

3. Mark Vallen's blogging of the panel on his blog Art For A Change.

4. Caryn's response to Mark Vallen - followed by a bunch of comments including an aggressive anonymous Someone.

5. unrelated post by Caryn trying to move on - anonymous Commentator of earlier is back on the attack, gets outed by Caryn! This is his work. Caryn is pissed!!

6. Caryn shuts the comments option off.

Caryn does seem to take a disproportionate amount of crap for all her efforts (resentment?) - if it wasn't for her blog I really wouldn't know much about what was happening in LA. That doesn't mean I always agree or even like what she shows - but I'm extremely grateful for the effort. I hope she turns the comments feature back on, it's one of the best things about blogs.

Thanks Caryn!!!