Friday, March 04, 2005

Sarah Bednarek

A British art mag called Miser and Now - which is put out by London's Keith Talent Gallery - currently feature's Sarah Bednarek on the front cover and inside back cover. She is also included in a group show at the gallery running until March 20th.

Sarah was one of my favorites from the last month's VCU Open Studios; she's a 2nd year sculpture grad. My first encounter with her work was more than a year and a half ago and not a great one (I think I used the word "slight") - but since then everything I have seen has been great and makes me think maybe I missed something that first time. Her stuff is very smart so that's entirely possible. I loved what she had in her studio last month but haven't talked about it because I imagine that she will be including that stuff in her thesis show in the Spring.

Congratulations Sarah!


Anonymous said...

Martin, what do you mean "slight"? Was i mean to you?

Martin said...

Hey Sarah -

I think that one of the first finished works of yours I saw was the piece of cloth on the floor with the skeletal lamp structure (in a group crit with Bonnie's class) - and if I remember correctly I think I said it was "slight". It was a not very well-articulated criticism at the time and as I have seen more of your work I've come to the realization that I may not have given that piece enough thought. I think there was probably more there than met my eye.

Anyways, I hope I'm clear that every subsequent encounter with your work has been super satisfying.

Mean? I don't know - it doesn't matter. Not relevant. I'm a fan!!


Anonymous said...

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