Thursday, March 31, 2005

April in Richmond

Spring is here! Lots of stuff going on this month - I'll list some of it. This is just a list of the things that most interest me - not an all encompassing listing - so if you have something you'd like to add or recommend please do so in the comments. I'm sure there are many things going on that I'm unaware of - like strange detectives.


This Friday April 1st is First Friday -

1708 Gallery - paintings by Sara Clark and drawings by Andy Moon Wilson, 8-10pm

ADA Gallery - three person show featuring the work of Susan Jamison, Michael Ferris, and me, 7-10pm. Don't forget to check out the record bin show in the back. Submit!

Anderson Gallery - juried exhibition of VCU undergrads. I'm especially looking forward to seeing the work of Mike Ellyson, Brett Johnson, and Amanda Long, 5-7pm.

Curated Culture at Cornerstone Gallery - two of the undergrads I recently wrote about are showing together, Jules Jones and D'Metrius Rice, 7-10pm.

Main Art Gallery - work by Martin Brief, 7-9pm. No idea who he is, but they always have good food!!

Rentz Gallery - paintings by Laetitia Bonnici, 6-9pm. Don't know what to expect here either, but it's right down the street from Main Art.

Visual Art Studio - this caught my eye because one of the four artists showing is someone I met a few years ago in Vermont, Deanne Dunbar! She's amazing; talented, smart, etc etc - I'm talking Carson Fox-land. Hope she comes. This place is close to ADA at 208 W. Broad, 6:30-10pm.

and .... later in the month Katharina Grosse will be showing at Solvent Space! Her show opens April 15th and she'll be lecturing on the 13th. That sounds a little weird, giving a lecture two days before the show opens - maybe incorrect. Don't mark your calendar just yet.

Other upcoming LECTURES I am keen on attending (these are just dates, I don't have all the info yet) -

April 4th - Frances Stark

April 5th - Rosemarie Fiore

April 15th - Joan Gaustad

April 25th - Rachel Berwick

April 26th - Vito Acconci

and... Daniel Buren will be coming in May!


donnygeorge said...

what's up wth that acconci lecture? that guy's a freak!

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