Monday, June 22, 2009


Bruce Nauman, the Sam Shepherd of Contemporary Art” - Francesco Bonami. What are some other examples of this? I know I’ve read them but can’t recall any.

Peter Schjeldahl "motherfucker"! - in comments responding to Geoff Dyer.

retard roundup:
1. Chris Sharp, 2/11/08, for Flash Art - reviews Joe Bradley, Dan Colen responds in comments... discussed on anaba 11/10/08 and 1/05/09 (many great comments).
2. Charlie Finch, 12/11/08, for Artnet - on Marlene Dumas' retarded references.
3. Jerry Saltz, 1/09, for NYMag and Artnet - on going "full retard"
4. Chris Sharp again, 4/28/09, for ArtReview - staking his claim to the retard mantle, mentions Justin Lieberman, Joe Bradley, Dan Colen, Josh Smith.... Justin Lieberman responds in comments.

John Haber on Marlene Dumas, on Saltz' Facebook - "I'm gratified that so many people I like to read are so uniform in dumping on this utter garbage and leave it at that".
John Haber on Dumas, for Haber's Art Reviews.

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