Monday, November 10, 2008


Chris Sharp on Joe Bradley, at Canada - "it doesn’t get much more retarded than this". Dan Colen responds at disjointed length in comments, Dan is seriously hung up on the word "chortle". Dan is OFFENDED, which is fairly hilarious.

RELATED: Artloversnewyork photos from the opening. The Rothko Chapel. Seeing a crucifix at the Rothko Chapel. Jerry Saltz on Dan Colen and Nate Lowman at Maccarone.

Hannelore Baron
Hannelore Baron, Untitled, 1985, from s(election), at Gallery Schlesinger, through November 29th.

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Cora Cohen, at Michael Steinberg, on Artcritical.

MORATORIUM EXTENSION ALERT!!! Roberta Smith on photography based painting - "as art formulas go, nothing beats paintings based on photographs".... "it is something of an art-world plague". JUST in Time! The Jerry Saltz call for a four-year moratorium on photography based painting expired this year! I can't wait for the Marlene Dumas reviews!

Hey, every Martha Rosler review starts out with the "conscious decision" made to place a quarter in the turnstile and enter the show... am I the only one that tried to push the thing without putting a quarter in? Guess what, you didn't need to put a quarter in to make the thing turn.

I thought that show was a snooze...

ATTENTION! Nick Kuszyk is not Banksy! Nick's nickers are in a twist... the photographer has posted a response including Nick's e-mail to him. What is the big deal/surprise that somebody publicly making public art might get photographed, especially if it is the art of an (over-rated) superstar, and especially if a big part of his schtick is his "anonymity". Duh, he is courting that attention.

(and i like street art)



Nick Kuszyk curated an awesome show at McCaig-Wells!

nicks bots
This is the kitchen of my friend and I got her hooked on Nick Kuszyk and now she is OUT OF CONTROL. this is only one side of the kitchen.

Kai Vierstra
Nick + Kai!!!!


Mark said...

Nice mix of stuff Mr Martin.

Anonymous said...

looking at the pictures of the opening of joe bradly i couldnt help saaying to myself, this is the new boys club and it just frankly grossed me out. there are a lot of precendents to what joe bradley does, not all male, but i think the reviewer in frieze magasine was dead on correct, it is shit, and he will get away with it because he is a boy and will be taken seriously no matter what.

pb said...

ridiculous comment

Anonymous said...

If someone out there really likes Joe Bradley's work it would be great if you could enlighten us.


Nomi Lubin said...

I chortled through the comment til I started skipping paragraphs cause of their high boring to chortle ratio.

I gotta say, though, something about the bar mitzvah did chortle me.

Anonymous said...

i thought the reviewer was right on too.

kelli said...

Thanks for the chortles.

Anonymous said...

i like the fact that a reviewer actually was critical in a time when if something gets reviewed its always at least 99% positive, so my hat is off to that reviewer for calling on this work as lame, which it is.

flacktard said...

Would it be retarded to say that Dan Colen is incoherent,and cannot spell for shit?

Kai said...

I thought colen's comments were really sweet and heartfelt. Fantastically ranty. And...> I know for a fact that Banksy's got gold rims on his bike.

Martin said...

that would be cool if he was fifteen.

Anonymous said...

Bansky is a douchebag.


beebe said...

It's tempting to be insulted Bradley's work . . . but it's just too dumb to get insulted by. There is nothing there: no content, no intent, just dumbness. It's like watching a toddler smear his own feces on the wall. Sure we're all upset and disgusted by it--I mean, what would possess someone the behave in such a manner?--but the kid (Bradley in this case) just doesn't know any better.

Anonymous said...

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