Tuesday, November 18, 2008

lightning view

lightning view.

i can even see the barracuda.


Anonymous said...

I can understand if you like the guy's work. Lots of people do. But aren't you fetishizing him a little bit?


Martin said...

maybe. but i like the idea of invading his space, compromising his privacy and myth, not asking permission, stealing images, possibly making him uncomfortable, taking what i want... etc.

and when i find something - like this satellite image of second house - that i know a lot of people would like to see.. i want to share it.

i'm not even sure how much i like his work... probably not as completely as you would think. i like him and his work as a subject.

one of my favorite novels is yukio mishima's "temple of the golden pavilion" (kinkakuji, in japanese), in which a young monk becomes obsessed with the beauty of a gold foil-covered pavilion, and burns it down - (ichikawa kon made a movie about it, and paul schrader references it in his movie on the life of mishima) - it's based on a true story, the real building was rebuilt.

there is an even better building, called ginkakuji, which is the silver pavilion. that place is perfect. it was never actually covered in silver foil... but it has a silver feel, amidst a lot of greenery, and the gardens are all silvery sand... shaped and grooved like a landscape. it's a tsukimi garden, meant to be viewed at night, sparkling in the reflection of the moon.

that's some of what 2nd house and the subsequent fire had me thinking about.

also, i'm thinking about failed projects, appropriation, reality, celebrity, aura, context, artistic intention (and its relevance).

Anonymous said...

You artists and your crazy agendas! Please carry on!

Check out (or don't!) my Jacob Riis tribute comic later tonight or tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Did I use enough !s in my last comment? I hope so.

So if, for some odd reason, Prince contacted you directly and said "Hey doucheface stop photographing my old house. Isn't it bad enough that a freak accident took it away from me, along with art and stuff that I cared about? Why are tormenting me?!?!" And you would say, "Sorry but I am kind of obsessed with violating your personal space and belongings; posting images of what is technically private property on my personal blog. Sorry Richard but I am fascinated by the destruction of your art and life."

Martin said...

I think it would be pretty funny to get a cease and desist notice from Richard Prince.

Anonymous said...

Or at the very least a plaster cast of his hairlip.

DarthFan said...


use your symptom bro.

Nomi Lubin said...

Meta. Yes, I know that's obvious.

Anonymous said...

darthfan I read that Nation thingy weeks ago. I like the writer a lot. Although nothing new was said in it. I wouldn't debate about whether or not anything is art. Just try to win that argument. Luckily, as a fart critic I have a little floating hover craft that I can stand on and try to convince my dear readers that something is great or crud. I don't care if they argree with me or not. All I can do is present something solid. Take it or leave it.


Anonymous said...

why can't I have a hovercraft?

Anonymous said...

Well if hovercrafts were given out to all people who used proper English (it is hovercraft not hover craft) one would have magically appeared right next to you when you typed your comment. Then you could get down to writing serious art criticism, which will earn you nothing and make you an object of scorn in the art world.