Monday, November 03, 2008

Judy Glantzman, Rita Ackermann... PLUS

Judy Glantzman, at Betty Cunningham

I'm trying to post some final images of good stuff I saw last month, and was about to do Ackermann or Glantzman, then I realized I just did Goodman and Heilmann... so the question became: Are there any excellent women painters with names ending in -man that did not have a show in October? I even saw Amy Sillman at the Tang.

Judy Glantzman. Glantzman on PaintersNYC. Click on any of these images to see them much better.

Rita Ackermann, at Andrea Rosen - the barely-there huddled grouping of figures is like what is happening in that top Glantzman piece.

Rita Ackermann - painted sides are nice. I wasn't too into the non-painting stuff.

Andrea Rosen had a fantastic Linda Benglis in the way back.

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zipthwung said...

reminds me of marxits/communist posters - workers organizing. Except its not workers. Its souls and downtrodden masses.

I'm not so sure they feel it.

If you felt it you wouldn't show your process with delicate gesso washes or whatever.

You'd just make Che t-shirts or banners.

What is being nuanced here?