Monday, November 16, 2009


Jerry Saltz on New Museum for NYMag 1, 11/11/09
Jerry Saltz on New Museum for NYMag 2, 11/15/09
Jerry Saltz on New Museum for NYMag 3, 11/16/09
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the advertising is a gas.



Ivin said...

I've been getting myself all worked up over this gassy mess, nice to see your light hearted response!
keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

dude, who really cares about this? Charlie Finch is right...there has to be much more egregious instances of insider trading than this. Frankly, I'm excited for the show. Fuck it.

zipthwung said...

i cant get enough of the story. Maybe its stupid, just the tip of the ice berg or a non -issue, but there is a level of hubris here that needs airing out in public.

I'm not all that excited for the show (thursday 6-8 is free but that sucks and the top floor isn't open) of work that is already somewhat familiar to me if only in strategy or formally (A show of digitally enlarged objects is a novelty act and would have been timely seven or eight years ago)

add subway fare (4.50) and it just isn't something that gets me out of my armchair.

But then that is why you wait for critics you trust to tell you it's worth seeing, if only as a cautionary tale.

Martin said...

i can't get enough of it either.

certainly not as passionate about any of it as tyler, but i agree with him.