Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Arbitrariness of Signs

Robert Visani

The Arbitrariness of Signs, curated by Sara Reisman, at Momenta, through April 19th.

Jane Benson and Robert Melee. Loved her show at Thierry Goldberg.

Richard Artschwager. Splatter Table. This is the same piece that was in Prefab at Gagosian uptown.

Only went to the opening and it was WAY too crowded to get any other good shots of the art. Was really into trying to figure out the Sheree Hovsepian photo... thought it was like an Anne Collier.. but it was hard (for me) to figure out if it was a straight studio shot or if it was photoshopped. Guess it was photoshopped(?).. and I still like it!

Sara Reisman
Sara Reisman, with Jane Benson's piece.

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