Monday, March 08, 2010


Jim Lambie at ?

Jim Lambie
Jim Lambie

RM Fischer at KS Art.

Sam Francis detail... click here to see the full painting.

Marlene Dumas
Marlene Dumas at Xero.

David Kramer at ?

David Kramer
David Kramer

Hilary Berseth at Eleven Rivington.

Sarah Sze at ?

David Brooks at Museum 52.

David Brooks
David Brooks

Matthew Marks, Armory Show Co-Founder.

Matthew Marks with Meatball, Art Basel, MiamiMatthew Marks representing my painting at Art Basel Miami 2005. Later set ADRIFT.

RELATED: Ida Ekblad at Armory 2010. Xylor Jane at Armory 2010. more to come...

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