Saturday, May 29, 2010

Liz-N-Val Memorial Day Weekend

Liz-N-Val Pure Art

Liz-N-Val Selections from Three Decades, curated by Jon Lutz, at Gallery OneTwentyEight... LAST WEEKEND! go see it.

Everything is On Sale.

Worker on Platform

Untitled Living Room American Dream

Liz came from Poland at age ten, Val from Russia at nineteen.

Apple with snake. There is a tiny figure on a platform facing the billboard portrait.



Space shuttle and star.



Liz-N-Val Sharing Labor and Love for Thirty Years.

Desire Pursuit Celebration Promotion Sublimation Advertising Propaganda Critique Fun.

American Bounty.

Two aliens watching.

Kazuko Miyamoto - Artist/Dancer, Founding Member of A.I.R. Gallery (1972), has been running Gallery OneTwentyEight since 1986.

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