Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Every Day is Earth Day

Every Day is Earth Day

Went back to take some better pictures of the amazing collection in the concourse under the Empire State Plaza... this time I explored a little further and went into one of the buildings.

Not as much stuff to see in the building but the walls are all cool milky cosmic marble. No sign to say who made this painting.

Walked upstairs and it was all marble everywhere... no more art... until I saw this blue and green piece floating in space at the end of a long hall.

I peeked. The back says XOX, D. Kohler, N.Y., 1970-71.

WHO IS IT? There is no Kohler listed on the Empire State Plaza Art Collection website and no D. Kohler listed on Artnet.


RELATED: old pics at the plaza... mostly cellphone... i will post better ones soon.


JL said...

Huh. I have no idea, and can't find anything, either, at least not quickly. The Getty ULAN doesn't have a D. Kohler (though it's not the greatest for contemporary artists.) If no one has solved it by the end of the day, I'll try checking the catalog, see if it says anything. I picked up a copy (used, it's very expensive new) after visiting there a year or so ago--both the visit and the purchase motivated in no small part by your posts about the collection.

andy said...

thanks for posting these pictures! i've never been there, always driving or riding the train through albany but never stopping. I love the Al Held, and Larry Zox paintings they have there. These are great too! I'd love to find out more about these artist.

robert moore said...

every day is earth day - not that hard to remember

JL said...

Keep forgetting to update: I did finally check the printed catalog, and there's nothing there. Not even a mention, according to the index. Very strange.

Martin said...

JL - thanks. there is another art history detective also on the case, who reports no info after checking a number of art databases. he will check artfacts next.

Jeffrey Collins: Painter said...

That's a damn shame that the space itself didn't have any information on the artist. And even sadder there is no information about the artist online. Makes me very happy that I document everything I do.