Monday, April 26, 2010

Material World

Alyson Shotz

Material World, curated by Susan Cross, at MASS MoCA.

Alyson Shotz

Alyson Shotz

She was wearing a cool shirt covered with pearly iridescent animal and butterfly(?) shapes.. it matched her piece... but she wouldn't let me take a picture.

Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen Nguyen, with Art!

Caitlin Bermingham, Alyssa Wright, Stephen Nguyen, Tom Kotik.

gold cap and stars.

striped siren
striped siren.

Jason Wilcox... artist and MASS MoCA art installer.

Orly Genger

A lot of people were talking on the other side of that wall and it created some weird muffled acoustics on this side. Fun and mysterious.

Orly Genger


Orly Genger

Tobias Putrih... stationary spotlight on monfilament... somehow a constellation of dots forms an arch... and as you move around looks like a projected flickering image shifting in space. Totally cinematic. I like the view of it from Orly's piece a couple pictures above... like you are looking into a movie theatre.

Tobias Putrih


meridith said...

wow. I've got to make up there

meridith said...

Stephen just posted this album. Check it out.


Martin said...

meridith wait until after may 29th when petah coyne opens... that whole space where guy ben-ner is/was will be empty until then.

Hans said...

Hello Martin,
I loved your new abstract works, hope you sold some or all of them ;) I have a new blog, could you maybe link to me ? http://heinerbuhr.blogspot.com/
With my best regards from Tbilisi,
Hans Heiner Buhr

Martin said...

hi hans, thanks. i will add your new blog right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Martin,

I found your site via http://thinkingaboutart.blogs.com/art/2005/02/when_do_you_get.html because i was searching for 'art chills'.

For my Master's thesis I'm conducting research on people who experience Aesthetic Chills (the type of experience you desribed years ago on that blog). Aesthetic Chills are physical reactions to works of art, such as literature, visual arts or music.

You would really help me out if you could mention specific pieces of visual art which made you experience chills/goosebumps/waves of excitement. I will most likely encorporate some of your suggestions in my research.

If any of your blog followers recognize such physical reactions (especially to visual art and/or english literature), they are also very welcome to send their chill-provoking-stimuli to me.

Thank you in advance if you choose to help me, I would really appreciate it if you can. It's pretty hard to find people who experience Aesthetic Chills on a regular basis.

I didn't manage to find your email on your blog so I'm just posting this long message as a comment. Hope that's ok with you.

Thanks again if you choose to help me :).

Best wishes,