Tuesday, April 13, 2010

whitney galleries

no way really? i love that building and those spaces!

"Its 1966 Marcel Breuer building has all the disadvantages of starchitecture and few if any of the rewards.
it stands out as relentlessly unforgiving to works of all styles and periods. If the stone floor doesn’t kill, the oppressive overhead concrete structure almost undoubtedly will.
The Whitney doesn’t just need more gallery space, it also needs great or even just good gallery space."

do people not like the Whitney galleries?

and she says that The New Museum is "oppressive in their lack of windows"... she must really hate the Canada space with it's awesome stone floor and no windows.


Kai said...

She's right about it not having the tourist dollar tugging power of the Guggenheim, but the Whitney's galleries are some of the best in my very humble opinion. When the art blows I like to scuffle my feet along the floor and look up into the chasmastic ceiling. I'd totally show there, scuffles and all.

* said...

I love the Whitney building, and I used to work there, so I was there every day of my life for a while and thought about it a lot. One of the best museum spaces in NY. The art fortress. But in a good way.

--ken weathersby

Anonymous said...

Bizarre target of her anger. So subjective. No right or wrong but really, what the hell is the point of her negative comments? Hard not to think that there is some ulterior motivations involved, but even she might not be aware of them.