Saturday, April 10, 2010

Joe Overstreet

paint and collage on a nearly sheer screen mesh.

- posted on his work in High Times, Hard Times, at the Weatherspoon... next in A Point in Space is a Place for an Argument, at David Zwirner... most recently on his work included in the show of Abstract Masters at Anita Shapolsky (that show is still open and doesn't close until April 24th)... and now here is his studio!

soaring studio space

these are beautiful. painted and almost entirely covered with fabric collaged over something sheer.

Here is a detail of the screen piece at Anita Shapolsy... click on it it's gorgeous.

Joe Overstreet... wait what is that he is holding??? he took a second card for his studio to maybe get some ideas from. he said you should take whatever ideas you want from whoever. he credited Frank Stella with helping him to get off the canvas... i'm paraphrasing.


Joe Overstreet
texture and patterns


table of treasures. stuff from all over.

egyptian pyramid construction. he's really into simple construction methods and processes. he talked about egyptian pyramids and indian burial mounds (he's part choctaw). his dad was in construction and would use ropes in pouring concrete.

Joe Overstreet

UPDATE: Lori Ellison on her visit with Joe Overstreet.

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